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Happy Clients | The Golden Rule Gold Buyer
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Please Add Your Testimonial

Susan, Calgary, AB – He was very polite,explained everything to me showed me all the results. !
Amber, Calgary, AB – Such a great person to talk with! Very honest and informative! Best person I have dealt with yet! Will definitely see him again!
Dale, Calgary, AB – Excellent customer service. No hassle, came right to our home in amazing time. We even got to see the whole process of having our gold evaluated. Thanks again 🙂 was a very positive experience.
Mark and Judy S., Calgary, AB – We inherited some estate jewelry that we didn’t want to keep and your policies seemed so reasonable that we thought we’d sell to you and avoid all the hassle. We were very pleased with how much we received. We have no complaints whatsoever, only praise.
Ken T, Calgary, AB – I learned about your company while looking online for a good Canadian gold buyer. I thought everything you said made sense, and it agreed with what I had read elsewhere. I really liked that you emailed me and phoned me to tell me what your offer was, instead of just sending me a cheque and making me jump through hoops if I didn’t like it. Of course I did accept, or I wouldn’t be writing this now. Thanks.
Edie Franklin, Calgary, AB – What was my expeience of dealing with your company like? Just the way you said it would be, smooth, easy, and fast, and I know we got a very fair deal because we have a gram scale in our office,and you paid us exactly what you said you would.
Helen K, Calgary, AB – I thought you were very helpful, explaining how you test each piece. You really answered all my questions and I knew I could trust you.
Christie M, Calgary, AB – I had actually send some gold into one of those TV rip off companies, XXXXXXgold and they sent me a check for a lousy $128. I knew that couldn’t be fair so I had them return my property. I actually had to pay to fedEX the cheque back to them to make sure it got back within 3 days grrr. Then I sent the same stuff to you guys, and you PHONED ME and told me you’d pay $523 for it. Thank you! Nice doing business with the GoldenRule.
Barbara W, Calgary, AB – I had some gold rings, bracelets and earings from my first husband that were just a little too painful to even look at. I saw a story on TV about selling unwanted gold and I thought I may as well get rid of it and put it towards a new washer dryer. Your cheque was more than enough for the new appliances.
Zach T, Calgary, AB – It’s nice not to have anything to complain about. I got a lot more than I expected. Cheers!
Penny R, Calgary, AB – I work in a lab so we have several gram scales that are extremely accurate. My husband and I decided to get rid of all the jewelry we had amassed from boyfriends and girlfriends before we got married last year. It was exactly 143.6 grams. We went to a local jewely store in the mall, and they told us it weighed 129 grams. I told him I knew how much it weighed and he said, ” oh yeah you’re right, sorry.” He said he forgot to zero the scale. We walked out. We also tried a pawn shop who advertises a lot here, and they got the weight right but only offered us $2100. that didn’t feel right for that much gold. Then I thought, well let’s try you guys, your website sounded pretty honest and fair, you told us exactly what it weighed to the tenth of a gram, and you offered us $2,903. So what can I say? I’m thrilled!
June H., Calgary, AB – Great company to deal with.
Claude B., Calgary, AB – I read a news story about people selling unwanted gold and I thought that was a great idea, with gold being worth so much right now, but the news story also warned about some of those companies on TV not paying very much, so I did some research and the golden rule looks like the company I can trust. And you are!  It couldn’t be easier. Merci.
Pam B., Calgary, AB – Great experience! We got 30% more from you than from a local shop who says they pay the most.
Bryce L., Calgary, AB – Couldn’t believe how little the locals were going to pay. You paid 40% more.
Simon L., Calgary, AB – I thought you were very professional.
Kathy A., Calgary, AB – Wonderfully easy experience, great price paid.
Betty W., Calgary, AB – Very satisfied thank you.
Barry P., Calgary, AB – Very satisfied thank you.
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