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How To Choose An HONEST Gold Buyer | The Golden Rule Gold Buyer | Calgary
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How To Choose An HONEST Gold Buyer

You’ve probably noticed that EVERY company that buys gold, says that THEY are the highest paying company out there, but common sense tells you that simply can’t be true! Not EVERYONE can be paying the most.

I know of one jewellery store here in Calgary that advertises that “only x-ray pays the most” or words to that effect. But, when I price checked them they were only paying 54% of what I pay for scrap gold jewelry. Hmmm.

That means, when I would pay you $1,000 they would only pay you $540. Yet they advertise that they pay the most. In fact there is only one other company I know of, that pays less than they do, and that’s a pawnshop!

That’s why I post my prices on my website, so you can see that I pay more for gold jewelry than the others do.

So my advise is simply.
Don’t bring your gold jewelry into any store that doesn’t post their prices on the internet. They don’t post their prices for a reason, and nine-times-out-of-ten, it’s because they know they don’t pay as much as others do.

I post what I pay per gram on the HOME page of my website, thegoldenrulegoldbuyer.ca and when I give my price to you, its very easy for you to verify that is the same price you saw online.

Bottom line, there are some shady and dishonest people in the gold buying business, so be careful who you do business with! Choose someone who is transparent, upfront, posts their prices, tests and weighs your gold in your presence, and is therefore clearly honest. Remember, at The Golden Rule Gold Buyer, “We Take The Risk Out of Selling Gold”.

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