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What We Buy | The Golden Rule Gold Buyer
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Office Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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What We Do Buy, and Don’t Buy.

What We Buy What We Don’t Buy
• All Gold jewelry items • Costume jewelry
• Scrap Gold • Gold-plated items
• Broken Gold Jewelry • Silver-plated items
• Rings • Diamonds (removed for you for free)
• Chains • Gems (removed for you for free)
• Bracelets • Computer parts
• Earrings • Catalytic converter parts
• Estate Jewelry
• Dental gold
• Anything Made of Real Gold

Gold Plating Basics:

We cannot buy any gold plated items because the gold plating is simply too thin to have any value after refining.

IMPORTANT TIP: precious metals are not magnetic, so if it sticks to a strong magnet, it is not gold silver or platinum.

You can usually tell if something is gold plated if it is stamped with one of these marks:

GP = gold-plated

GS = gold shell

GHE = heavy gold electroplate

GE = gold electroplated

GF = gold filled

RGP = rolled gold plate

EPSN = electroplate silver nickel plating

How We Evaluate Precious Metals:

1) Rare Earth Magnet

We test every item with a rare earth magnet, to eliminate most gold-plated items.

2) We test for purity using as many as three methods:

  A) The classic Acid Test, tells us what a metal is and isn’t, and grades its purity.

  B) Electronic Testers, also tells us the purity of an item.

  C) X-Ray Fluorescence. XRF Uses X-Rays, and tells us the EXACT composition of metals.

3) We weigh, using calibrated scales, measuring in grams.

4) A smart phone app, calculates the correct payout, based on weight and purity.


And we THANK YOU for your business.

Any Questions?
To Make An Appointment CALL NOW 403-455-5590
No Hidden Fees • No Commissions • No Tricks
Gold buyers are required by law to see 2 pieces of Government issued ID.
One of them must be photo ID (drivers license / passport).